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DREAM Act Could Generate Trillions (Current Dollars) For U.S. Economy Over the Next 40 Years

| Feb 7, 2024 | Firm News

The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is a “bipartisan bill that would provide undocumented youths who came to the United States before the age of sixteen a path toward legalization on the condition that they attend college or serve in the U.S. military for a minimum of two years while maintaining good moral character.”

A UCLA study on the DREAM Act shows that, if passed, “the 2.1 million undocumented immigrants would become legalized and generate approximately $3.6 trillion over the same 40-year period (in current dollars).  It is important to note that these results represent only a subset of the full economic contribution of the DREAM Act beneficiary cohort.  These calculations do not include total direct value added or indirect value added impacts …An analysis of full fiscal benefits would have to take these impacts into consideration, and would substantially increase the overall economic contributions of DREAM Act beneficiaries.”