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Stories of Citizenship

| Feb 7, 2024 | Firm News

Yesterday, I had the honor of celebrating with two of my favorite clients after their U.S. citizenship swearing-in ceremony.  The Mrs. is a recent cancer survivor.  She is an amazing lady.  My life has been enriched by meeting her, her husband, and frankly, all of my clients.  During our celebration lunch, we shared life stories and talked about motherhood.  I learned about a ceremonial bath in the Philippines that women take with their babies about a week after giving birth. The bath is filled with a lovely-scented medicinal brew of lemon leaves, lemongrass, tamarind bark and leaves, and other herbs.  I had never heard of this before!  She was reminded of this because she (and then I) ordered an iced lemongrass drink at a Thai restaurant.  Just the experience alone reminds me of how the U.S. is such a melting pot, and how every person and every culture brings flavor.  Later that afternoon I met and spoke with my clients from Egypt, India, and Germany.  Each immigrant has a story to tell and something to bring to the table.  This picture is posted with their permission.