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The Uber Wedding Has Arrived in Time for Pride Weekend

| Feb 8, 2024 | Firm News

I was just remarking yesterday about how fantastic it is to live and work in San Francisco.  We have so many apps and companies at our fingertips that help us live better.  For example, Google Shopping Express, which will deliver products from Target and other stores the same day for free, or Sprig, which delivers hot, healthy meals in about 10 minutes.  One friend said she ordered from Sprig when she was upstairs in her loft and when she went downstairs the delivery person was at her door.  She swears that they employ fairies.  A big source of relief in the past year or two has been Uber.  It is an app for your smartphone that locates the closest driver.  You just keep a credit card on file.  I have been trying to get my 79-year-old auntie in Los Angeles to get a smartphone so that she can use Uber.  She is currently either driven around by an errand guy or a limo company and can spend 20 minutes trying to arrange a ride.

This Saturday, in honor of Pride, Uber is offering free wedding packages.  What a brilliant marketing idea by Uber and the participating vendors.  You just select “Uber wedding” on the app menu tomorrow during a certain time period.  Of course, you will need to have whatever documentation you will need for the wedding license ready.  And, obviously, I would never want to encourage anyone to spontaneously get married, as that can lead to, as a family law lawyer friend calls it, a “not-so-spontaneous divorce.”  It can also affect how a foreign national who is married to a U.S. citizen might be able to immigrate (so you might want to talk to me first before marrying, as I am an immigration attorney).  But for the couple who was planning to get married at City Hall this summer and who is able to get a spot, this could be a great thing.

The Uber wedding ceremony takes about an hour and includes flowers, candles and cake from local San Francisco companies Bloom That, Bella J and Susie Cakes.  There’s even a toast.  But – get this – a honeymoon is included (Hotel Tonight arranging accommodations and Alaska Airlines providing transportation).

Why am I blogging about this?  Well, as mentioned, I am an immigration attorney and most of my cases are marriage to U.S. citizen green card and fiancée visa cases.  I’ve also officiated a cousin’s wedding.  Basically – I see lots and lots of weddings and I love them and the happy energy couples bring into my office.

Is this marketing idea crazy or indeed brilliant?  Is it crazy to sign up for it?  Time will tell.  Is it a great service if you are able to book a wedding before they run out?  Or will things be a hot, chaotic mess tomorrow or turn out sub-par?  I think a lot probably depends on the couple.

By Grace Alano.  Grace Alano is an immigration attorney at The Law Offices of Grace R. Alano in San Francisco, CA. Find Grace Alano on Google+