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What’s On My Radar

| Feb 8, 2024 | Firm News

1) My page views randomly exploded when I uploaded one of my new headshots by Portraits to the People.  I am, for the time being, a staff pick.  It’s a nice social media barometer in a way and am glad to see that people like the new picture, bio, and feel a connection to me somehow;

2) I’ve always been fascinated by Mexico and geography.  The other night I was roaming the world on my iPad map and zoomed in on this pretty beach in Acapulco and saved the screenshot;

3) I’m not only fascinated with Mexico, I’ve always been intrigued by Frida Kahlo.  I found a recipe for her mole and am dreaming that someone will make it for me at her kitchen at La Casa Azul (the laundry list of ingredients is too daunting);

4) I’ve loved figure skating since Dorothy Hamill mania in the 70’s when I rocked her bowl cut.  Evgeni Plushenko was outstanding the other night in the team competition and I can’t wait to see him and the other skaters over the coming nights.

By Grace Alano.  Grace Alano is an immigration attorney at The Law Offices of Grace R. Alano in San Francisco, CA. Find Grace Alano on Google+